About Film i Skåne

Film i Skåne is the regional film fund and resource center for film in Skåne (Scania), Sweden. We work broadly across the entire film area and collaborate with many organisations both regionally, nationally and internationally.

We invest in the development and co-production of films and in the talent development of future filmmakers. We finance film festivals and film cultural events. We work with film literacy for children & youth. We also run the film studio Ystad Studios and the Southern Sweden Film Commission, which markets Skåne and southern Sweden as a shooting location for international film and television productions.

Our mission is to promote film activity in Skåne and to increase growth in Skåne through film production.


  • Anna Nordström Carlsson, chairman of the board
  • Carin Daal, member of the board
  • Hannes Holm, member of the board
  • Katarina Liljenberg, member of the board
  • Anders Landström, member of the board