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Address and invoice

HQ visiting and postal address

Film i Skåne AB
Elis Nilssons väg 12
271 39 Ystad

Account information

Company registration number: 556614-8614
VAT no: SE556614861401
Customer payments: Bankgiro 427-1300
Payment customers: SWEDBANK
BIC kod: SWEDSESS     
IBAN no: SE23 8000 0821 4991 4598 3434
GLN: 7322733065754

Information about invoices

According to a new law, all suppliers to the public sector must send e-invoices. Please note that in this context, an invoice sent as an email or PDF is not considered an e-invoice.

Svefaktura is the most used standard for e-invoices, and the format we have chosen to work with. We also accept the EDI format.

Many business systems can now send electronic invoices. If you already have an electronic invoicing feature, you can use that. If you don’t have this feature, we can, through InExchange, offer a free service with which you can register your invoices manually. Open InExchange and follow the instructions below.

The following information is needed in order to make an e-invoice:

Invoice adress

Film i Skåne AB
Elis Nilssons väg 12
S-271 39 Ystad
RS-ID/ your reference, 159154

Additional account information

GLN: 7322733065754
Company registration number: 556614-8614
VAT number: SE556614861401

Invoice support

In case of questions concerning invoices please send an email to In case of questions concerning Inexchange please use the support button in the Inexchange portal.

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