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Porträtt på Mats Hallberg

Mats Hallberg tillträder som ny styrelseledamot i Film i Skåne

Film i Skåne welcomes Mats Hallberg, Acting Cultural Director at the Cultural Administration in Helsingborg, as a new board member. Hallberg replaces outgoing Peter Lübeck and will bring valuable experience and knowledge to the board's work.

Mats Hallberg has extensive experience in leading and developing organizations, as well as working closely with elected officials and public servants on cultural matters and regional as well as national development within the cultural sector. In his previous positions, he has been responsible for areas such as performing arts, music, dance, theater, architecture, visual arts, and design, including in his role as Deputy Chief Administrator within the Cultural Administration of Region Skåne.

Film i Skåne extends thanks to Peter Lübeck for his valuable contributions to the board and wishes him success in future endeavors.