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Film pedagogical workshop Norrevångsskolan, Eslöv. Photo: Carolina Falk

Children and youth

All children and young people should learn the language of moving images

Film i Skåne works actively to ensure that children and young people from southern Sweden are given the chance to watch, create and discuss film and moving images. This area of work includes providing schools and municipalities with information about school cinema and facilitating individual creativity in moving images, providing advice concerning Skapande skola (creative class), supplying film educators for classroom work and developing staff skills.

Film i Skåne also runs film educational networks that manage film educators and pilot projects, organises theme days and develops educational activity in places like Ystad Studios Visitor Center.

Interiören av Pax rymdskepp i Ystad Studios Visitor Center.

Ystad Studios Visitor Center

Ystad Studios Visitor Center houses film sets from several different productions filmed in Ystad Studios over the years. You can enter Kurt Wallander’s apartment and the police station used for the BBC’s Wallander productions, or step into Circus Imago’s arena and the Milky Way spaceship. See, touch and create in the world of film and cinema!

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