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Application for documentary films: development

What can be applied for?

Film i Skåne invests in the development of audiovisual documentary projects of all lengths, with filmmakers and/or production companies based in Skåne. Our application deadlines for documentary development are three per year. The application handling process after each deadline takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Upcoming deadline for development funds: ongoing (starting 1 May).

The application handling process takes longer during July and August due to holidays.

Who can apply?

Producers representing their own production company (including sole proprietorship) can apply. Either the production company or the filmmaker needs to be based in Skåne.


Film i Skåne invests in projects that are deemed to be of artistic value and with a wide audience potential, either regionally, nationally or internationally.

Our mission is to promote the growth of the Scanian film industry. Projects with a clear regional connection are given priority. Expenditure made within the Skåne region is a requirement, although the actual shooting does not have to take place there. International co-productions can also apply from the development funds if a Skåne-based company is one of their co-producers.

Film i Skåne strives to mirror the broader population regarding gender and cultural diversity when granting funds.

For technical support, contact Ludvig Rodman:

Deadlines for documentaries 2022

Next deadline is 11/1 2022.

Apply here

Här ansöker du till utveckling av dokumentärfilm. Fält markerade med (*) är obligatoriska.

Producent (dina uppgifter) / Producer (personal details)
Obligatoriskt (*) / Required (*)
Regissör / Director
Obligatoriskt (*) / Required (*)
Ytterligare regissör / Co-director
Ej obligatoriskt / Optional
Manusförfattare / Script writer
Obligatoriskt (*) / Required (*)
Övriga nyckelpersoner / Other key persons
Ej obligatoriskt / Optional
Produktionsbolag / Production company
Obligatoriskt (*) / Required (*)
Innehar F-skattesedel (*) / Holder of a business tax card (*)
Om projektet / About the project
Obligatoriskt (*) / Required (*)
Långfilm, TV-serie eller dylikt / Feature, TV series or other
Max 1000 tecken / Maximum 1000 characters
Har även sökt / Other funds that have been applied from
Länkar till tidigare filmer eller pilotmaterial. / Links to earlier films or pilots.
Ladda upp projektfiler / Upload project files
Obligatoriskt med undantag för Ytterligare CV. Observera att vi bara kan ta emot pdf-filer, maximal storlek för varje fil är 30 MB.
Required, with the exception of Additional CV. Note that we only accept pdf files and that these must not exceed 30 MB/document.


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