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Apply for the scholarship

Film i Skåne and FilmCentrum Syd manage a joint scholarship, aimed at filmmakers of all ages in the early stages of filmmaking. The scholarship consists of a 5 000 SEK grant for a film not exceeding 15 minutes in length.

When can you apply?

There are two deadlines per year. Application notifications are dispatched approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the deadline.
Deadlines 2024: March 3 and September 29.

Who can apply?

The scholarship is open to individual filmmakers without necessarily having a production company. Funds will only be awarded to applicants residing and working in Skåne. We are primarily interested in funding projects that have not yet entered the production phase. We do not require any previously completed film productions, but if such projects exist, please provide a link.

Who can’t apply?

The scholarship is not available for school projects or for students participating in film education (including projects run outside of school hours). You cannot apply for the scholarship if you are simultaneously seeking short film or documentary film funding from Film i Skåne with the same project.


The grant cannot be used for salaries, only other expenses connected with the film production (i.e. technology, transportation, set design). The scholarship cannot be applied for for project development, only for production.

What does the application need to include?

A number of documents need to be uploaded together with your application: a budget, CV and a project presentation (this can include visual material, such as a mood board). You need to keep these documents easily accessible on your computer in order to complete and submit your application. An incomplete application may not be submitted.

Deadlines for the scholarship 2023

  • 5th of March
  • 8th of October

Apply here

Här ansöker du till stipendiet. Fält markerade med (*) är obligatoriska.

Generell information / General information
Typ av projekt (*) / Type of project (*)
Länk till ett tidigare projekt du har gjort. / Link to one of your earlier projects.
Dina uppgifter / Your personal details
Om du har medarbetare i projektet kan du ange dem här. / List any other project co-workers below.
Roll 1 / Function 1
Roll 2 / Function 2
Roll 3 / Function 3
Om projektet / About the project
Max 250 tecken. / Maximum 250  characters.
Max 2000 tecken. / Maximum 2000 characters.
Max 1000 tecken. / Maximum 1000 characters.
Status för projektet (*) / Project status (*)
Uppladdning av filer / File uploads
Filerna måste vara i formatet pdf. / All files must be in the pdf format.
Om man har visuellt material, t.ex. mood board eller dylikt, så ska det vara med i projektpresentationen.
Please include any visual material, i.e. a mood board, with the project presentation.


Dina personuppgifter samlas in och behandlas för det ändamål som beskrivs i formuläret. Här kan du läsa mer om dina rättigheter samt hur Film i Skåne hanterar personuppgifter.


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