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Talent development for Film & Tv

Film in Skåne works thoroughly, intensively and long-term with talent development on several levels. The goal is to create conditions for a stable industry, with the possibility of an influx of new voices and new skills, where continuity and long-term collaboration are in focus.

In talent development, Film in Skåne focuses on individuals to the same extent as on film projects. Great emphasis is placed on tailoring solutions and offering support and efforts for in-depth development of creators and filmmakers.
Film in Skåne is active in several networks, both nationally and internationally, and has been a member of Screen Talent Europe - STE since 2015. STE is a network of European film organizations with a focus on talent development and in addition to exchanging experiences, knowledge and methods, the network arranges activities for filmmakers every year. To STEs webpage

During the years 2021 -2023, Film i Skåne will focus its talent development on the Programmet Kortfilm and the Programmet Långfilm. These initiatives aim to find new voices in film and to strengthen them. The goal is to achive a diversity of strong expressions, creators and companies in Skåne. To Programmets webpage (swedish only)

In summary, in talent development we try to work with the following elements that many filmmakers often say they need to develop as filmmakers: Network, entrances to film support and industry, visibility, feedback, trust, space for exploration but also training, skills development, knowledge, specialization, safe rooms, advice and inspiration.

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