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Fotografi av Virtual Production-scen i Ystad Studios med en bil framför en digital stadsbakgrund

Virtual Production at Ystad Studios

Film i Skåne's 600 square meter Virtual Production soundstage "Ernst Hugo" at Ystad Studios is equipped with a custom built curved projection wall, 25 meters wide and 4 meters high, to allow for a flexibility in camera movement which is unparalleled in Sweden.

The Virtual Production soundstage is ideal for projecting filmed backgrounds, allowing for easy, safe, and cost-effective filming of car interiors, scenes set abroad, or in hard-to-reach locations, all within the studio. To create a believable illusion of depth in the background as the camera moves, camera tracking is used, which allows the background to adjust in real-time according to the camera's movements. It is also possible to use backgrounds rendered in real-time using a photorealistic game engine like Unreal Engine, with the help of external technology. Our Virtual Production infrastructure is scalable, and the projection screen can be used with one or multiple laser projectors to meet the needs and budget of your production.

Film i Skåne provides the Virtual Production soundstage and projection screen, as well as access to production offices, dining hall and make-up areas. Productions are responsible for collaborating with their choice of Virtual Production and VFX providers, as well as booking projectors, tracking systems, computers, and media servers, to create a solution tailored to the production's needs.

Information about the Virtual Production-studio

Studio size: 600 m²
Projection screen: 25 meters wide, 4 meters high, semi-circle construction, with a diameter of 16 meters. 
Rental price: 10 000 SEK per day, or 50 000 SEK per 7 week, excluding VAT.
Location: Ystad Studios, Elis Nilssons väg 12, Ystad

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