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Folkets Bio Gylleboverket. Photo: Axel Törnqvist.


All municipalities in Skåne should have access to film

Film i Skåne encourages local participation to ensure a vibrant film culture throughout Skåne. It is important - both for democracy and accessibility - that film can be produced, viewed and discussed. We provide a resource supporting municipalities in their developing work with film and moving images. We work closely with libraries, museums, cinemas, schools of the arts, festivals, screening agents, adult education centers, NGOs and organisations.

In addition, we run the screening and distribution network CineSkåne, where different parties can meet up around various issues and needs. We also  contribute to a wide selection of events and arenas that strengthen film and the local cultural sphere. Some of the film festivals and arenas that we are involved in are of national and international significance. 

Audience at Pixel film festival in Ystad Studios. Photo: Elna Andersson.

Film festivals and events

Färgglada lampor med sladd

Apply for festivals and events

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