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Apply for festivals and events

Film i Skåne co hosts screening events of both regional, national and international focus throughout Skåne. Funding from Film i Skåne requires simultaneous local funding and support from the municipality. Applications are made online through Film i Skåne.

Applications are processed twice during 2022:

8 April is the application deadline for events taking place during the current year or festivals that take place between July - December 2022.

11 November is the application deadline for events taking place between January - June 2023.

We require a number of documents to be enclosed along with your application. Make sure to have these accessible on your computer in order to complete and submit your application. An incomplete application cannot be submitted. Note that the documents need to be exported in the PDF format. See the application guide below for advice, tips and explanations concerning your application.

Application checklist

Documents that need to be enclosed with the application:

●      Project description
●      Budget
●      Financing plan
●      Time schedule
●      Audience growth plan
●      (Environmentally) Sustainable event plan
●      Extra attachment - optional (e.g. a CV or available promotional material)

In addition, you need to register the producer, along with personal and contact details.

The funding decision will be notified to the email address stated in the application. After the funds have been granted, you, as applicant, need to sign a contract and send an invoice to us, for the contracted amount. Read about the invoicing procedure here:
After completion, the event needs to be accounted for and emailed to, outlined in a way that clearly matches the application. Was the event executed according to plan? What was altered along the way and why? We encourage you to be as specific as possible with your details, to show how alterations in the project budget affected the prioritisation of different areas. Please submit your account as soon as possible after the event has taken place. After we have approved your summary, we welcome you to submit your final invoice.

Apply here

The text in the form is in both Swedish and English. 
Boxes marked with (*) are required.

Organisation /Organisation
Obligatoriskt / Required (*)

Producent / Producer
Obligatoriskt / Required (*)

Information om projektet / Project information
Obligatoriskt / Required (*)

Uppladdning av filer / Uploading of files
Obligatoriskt med undantag för Extra bilaga. Observera att vi bara kan ta emot pdf-filer samt att maximal storlek för varje fil är 30 MB. /

Required, with the exception of Extra attachment. Note that we only accept pdf files up to a maximum size of 30 MB per file.

Dina personuppgifter samlas in och behandlas för det ändamål som beskrivs i formuläret. Här kan du läsa mer om dina rättigheter samt hur Film i Skåne hanterar personuppgifter.

Your personal data is collected and processed for the purpose stated in this form. For more information about your GDPR rights and how Film i Skåne handles personal data, please contact Film i Skåne.

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