torsdag 18 februari 2016

The Financing Forum for Kids Content om indisk barnfilm

Annette Brejner, The Financing Forum for Kids Content, besökte NFDC Film Bazaar Pitching Session, Indien.

Ur Film Bazaars intervju med Annette Brejner:
"- What, in your view, is needed to foster a healthy environment for children’s films to flourish?"
Annette Brejner: " - It's not something one can change overnight . It takes years. What is needed is: An outspoken vision, extremely precise goals of content and quantity, a plan for implementation, understanding of the industry, understanding of the audience and how to engange with it and how to build it, political will, funding, keeping the issue of the status of kids content high on the agenda, building industry network, collaborate across sectors, define what is meant by great kids content." Läs hela intervjun på Jamuura blog.


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